Playset Removal

Removal of an Old Playset

People in the Cumming area of Forsyth call us all the time asking how to get rid of their old swingset. The process isn’t that complex.

Playset Removal Step 1:

Assess your swingset and make sure you have the proper tools to dismantle your old playset. The pros at Southern Rubbish Junk Removal always carry the proper tools for the job. You will need a saw, screw drivers, a crescent wrench, and socket wrench.

Playset Removal

Step 2:

Once you have all the tools you’ll need for removing your old playset, you can get started on dismantling. First you’ll need to use your screw driver to unscrew all the screws. Next you’ll want to use your crescent wrench and socket wrench to remove all the nuts and bolts. For nuts and screws that are stripped and rusted, you can use your saw to disconnect the joints.

Playset Removal

Step 3:

Once the entire swingset has been dismantled, you can load it into your vehicle and take it to the disposal facility. The pros at Southern Rubbish Junk Removal take all of their junk and debris to 400 Waste and Scrap. The personnel at 400 Waste and Scrap are very helpful and can you assist you with your dumping needs. If you’re in a rush, like moving out of your home, and you need this done asap, then just call us at 404-910-7108.

Playset Removal1


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