Mattress Removal

Mattress Pickup

You’re super pumped about getting your new mattress delivered. It arrives and…Oh no! Your old mattress is still there and you have no space for your new bed. Who you gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters…Southern Rubbish Junk Removal.

Mattress Disposal

Did you know that if you somehow managed to get that old, heavy mattress out to the curb, your garbage company won’t pick it up? Their trucks usually aren’t equipped to handle bulk pick ups like mattresses and other large furniture items. So call the pros at Southern Rubbish and we can streamline it for you. You’re busy…Career, kids, the gym, that romance novel that you want to write. Let us take care of hauling away your old bed so that you can focus on the really important stuff; like breaking in your new bed with a well deserved nap.

mattress junk removal

Fun Facts About Your Mattress

  1. Your used mattress cannot be re-sold. Georgia law states that all mattresses sold in stores must be brand new.
  2. The most popular mattress in America is also the least liked. About 80% of all mattresses sold are inner-spring, but they boast the lowest satisfaction from customers.
  3. Speaking of laws, it is federal law that all mattresses are flame resistant. DO NOT TEST THIS!!!
  4. You have bed bugs. SERIOUSLY, YOU DO. They’re called dust mites and they live in fabrics, carpets, beds, and even on people and animals. And they thrive in humid climates, like Georgia summers.
  5. Your bed gets heavier the older it gets. When you sleep, you’re sweating on your mattress every night, not to mention the dead skin that your body sheds every evening. After about 10 years, your mattress could double in weight.


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