Junk Pick Up in Forsyth County, GA

As a junk removal specialist, one of my favorite things to do while riding in the truck is admiring the architecture of the towns and cities that we visit. We’re based in Atlanta, GA so I see a lot of cool buildings. But my favorite type of architecture are the homes. Metro Atlanta has some of the most beautiful homes around.

I particularly love riding in the truck around Forsyth and Cumming, GA. It seems like every house is larger than life. Beautiful homes in gorgeous neighborhoods. It gives me ideas for what I want my dream house to look like.

The people are super nice too! Whenever we drive the big truck through the streets of down town Atlanta, people honk and speed past the truck. But when we’re driving the truck in Cumming, people wave and smile and nobody honks. Its honestly one of my most favorite places to visit. I always volunteer for the Forsyth routes.

Pickin' Up Junk in Forsyth, Ga
Pickin’ Up Junk in Forsyth, Ga