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Property Clean Up – Hoarding Case

Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? If you haven’t, it’s about people who can never throw anything away. That’s right! People end up living in their own junk and filth. I know what you’re thinking. “My parents never throw anything out, they must be hoarders.” Not necessarily. Hoarders have a psychological condition. Their own psychosis won’t allow them to throw anything out.

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding Disorder or Compulsive Hoarding occurs in people who refuse to dispose of large amounts of things that take up extraordinary amounts of space in their homes. Hoarders also have been known to pay huge sums of money to store their junk in storage units. Hoarding is a serious condition characterized by health problems, socio-economic problems, and relationship problems with friends and family. Hoarding can result in bad hygiene, fires, and impede the homeowner from moving safely through their home.

Southern Rubbish Experience with Hoarders

We at Southern Rubbish Junk Removal have had quite a bit of experience assisting with the clean up of Hoarding cases all throughout the North Atlanta area. We had a hoarding case recently in Alpharetta that would blow your mind. Four full truckloads of junk and it took us two whole days to finish the job. The children of the Hoarder, who were now in their twenties called us to remove all the junk from the home so that the mother could move in with the oldest daughter who was deeply concerned about her living conditions.  The mother is currently undergoing counseling. Pictured below is a picture of one of the truckloads that we hauled away.

Hoarding Junk3

Getting Help with Hoarding

Hoarding is a psychological disorder that can lead down a dark path of physical and mental health problems. People suffering from Compulsive Hoarding need professional help. Most of the time, these people don’t know anything is wrong with them. So an intervention may be necessary. You’re also going to need a junk removal company. Don’t try and take on such a huge task on your own.


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