Eviction and Foreclosure Clean Up

Junk From Evictions and Foreclosure Properties

Being a landlord is super tough these days. Finding and retaining good, quality tenants and be a hand full. Maintaining your investment and at the same time ensuring that your renters aren’t destroying your property. Every landlord wants the perfect tenant. Someone who tends the lawn and lets you know of any needed repairs. However, if the renter was a perfect tenant, they’d probably be homeowners, wouldn’t they?


Junk Removal for Evictions

Our company is hired to handle the dirty job behind evictions. On eviction day, if the tenant is refusing to leave the premises, then the landlord along with the county sheriff’s department will be on location to ensure that the tenant leaves. At that point, the landlord has the authority to remove all of the remaining household items remaining inside the home.

Southern Rubbish sends our crew of about 2 to 3 professionals to remove the items from inside the property. According to Forsyth county law, the tenant has 24 hours from the time of eviction to pick up their items or it becomes classified as “abandoned garbage.” If after we have cleared the property of these items, and 24 hours have passed, Southern Rubbish will return to the property and remove all of the leftover items so that the landlord can get the property rented out once more.

Foreclosure Property Clean Up

From time to time, real estate investors will contact us to assist with a property they have recently purchased. These “flippers” will purchase a home at a discounted rate and get it ready for resale in a few short months.  But in order to sell the home, all of the junk leftover from the previous owner will need to be removed and disposed of properly. The process is similar but a little different from an eviction clean up. For example, because the home has been vacated, the county’s sheriff department does not need to be present.

When we arrive, we’ll assess everything that needs to be removed from the property. Then we’ll start loading everything from the attic to the basement, including the carpet if need be. Flippers enjoy our service because it frees them up to do more important things, like scouting new properties to purchase. It is not in the best interest of the flipper to spend days loading a dumpster by themselves when it could take us a few short hours.

If you’re a landlord or property flipper and are tired of loading and unloading junk from evictions and foreclosures, then I encourage you to contact us at Southern Rubbish. We are are the junk removal experts.


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