Phil Hoang

Mattress Removal

Mattress Pickup You’re super pumped about getting your new mattress delivered. It arrives and…Oh no! Your old mattress is still there and you have no space for your new bed. Who you gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters…Southern Rubbish Junk Removal. Mattress Disposal Did you know that if you somehow managed to get that old, …

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Large Demolition Project

Hoarding Clean Up

Property Clean Up – Hoarding Case Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? If you haven’t, it’s about people who can never throw anything away. That’s right! People end up living in their own junk and filth. I know what you’re thinking. “My parents never throw anything out, they must be hoarders.” Not necessarily. Hoarders …

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Playset Removal

Removal of an Old Playset People in the Cumming area of Forsyth call us all the time asking how to get rid of their old swingset. The process isn’t that complex. Playset Removal Step 1: Assess your swingset and make sure you have the proper tools to dismantle your old playset. The pros at Southern …

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Am I a Junk Hoarder?

Are You a Junkie? Here’s how to tell. Ever watch the show Hoarders? Its about people that can’t throw things away. Its insane. People literally live in their own trash. As it turns out, its completely normal to have the tendency to keep things they really don’t need. “I might need it someday,” they’ll tell themselves. …

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