Moving? Don’t forget the Leftover Stuff!

Moving into a new home is a big step in a persons life, whether it be that they are moving into their first family home, or just upgrading to something more spacious.  Every person has experienced what its like to move, the backache, the frustration of fitting couches through doors, and the regret of buying so much stuff! There is one thing that is very common about moving to a new place, and thats the leftover stuff that the previous homeowner left behind. Don’t forget about the leftover stuff from your old place, that always comes back to haunt you.  Here are Southern Rubbish‘s top 3 customer problems that homeowners face when moving into a new place.

  1. The JUNK!!! This is the number one thing that happens when moving. Over a course of time, people just generate material items. (Old Clothes, Cabinets, Broken Electronics, Etc..) Whether it be purchasing new things and saving the old, or inheriting items from others. No matter where it came from, the things that aren’t going to the new place has to go somewhere, and its not going into your new spacious garage.
  2. The Old T.Vs… The super heavy, why did they construct something that awkward to move. Now that flats screen T.Vs are very cheap to buy and easy to move, the old box T.Vs have been rendered obsolete.
  3. The Eyesores. The biggest eyesores that need to be torn down and hauled away are Hot Tubs and Sheds. Jacuzzi‘s always sound like a good idea but they are sometimes kept uncleaned and have sat in the same spot unused for years. Sheds, the metal ones to be specific, they can get rusted from sitting in the rain for so long. If you want to sell the house that your moving out of or If you want the best housewarming party, get these items removed.

Solution: If its denotable, Donate it. If you wanna make some extra cash and have time to spare, garage sale it.  If those don’t work in your situation, call a Junk Removal Company.

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