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Junk Removal in Johns Creek, ga

Our professional team at Southern Rubbish is equipped and experienced to handle removal of trash and unwanted items. Old furniture, broken appliances, leftover construction debris – we can take these out of your property and dispose of them properly.

If you’re moving, we can unload your property of stuff you no longer need in your new home. You don’t have to stress over cleanups and debris removal. Leave it to us to restore order to your property. Call us to schedule a pickup and we’ll be dispatching our truck and two of our team members to assist you. You can also request same day pickup. Our trucks are always across Atlanta and we may be able to go to your location the same day you call us.

We’ll haul away stuff you no longer want and handle even those items that are hard to deal with, the safe and efficient way.

Johns Creek, GA Demolition

Our team of demolition experts helps you prepare construction sites, clean up, and haul away debris and unwanted items.

Regardless the size and type of property, we deliver the demolition job on time. If you’re looking to tear down a structure or demolish an interior part of your home, we’re always ready to help.

Rest assured no waste or contaminant will be left behind. We have worked with contractors, realtors, and property owners, and client satisfaction has always been at the top of our list.

When you need demolition services across Atlanta, dial (404) 910-7108

Southern Rubbish Truck

We Remove All of Your Junk

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Furniture Removal

Furniture Removal

Get rid of old, broken, or unwanted furniture with ease. We're here to help you haul furniture away. Count on us to deal with every type of furniture.

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Post Eviction Cleaning

Post-Eviction / Foreclosure

After an eviction or foreclosure, you might need professional assistance in cleaning your property and dealing with unwanted items. We help you get these tasks done so you can focus on more important matters.

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Wood Debris from Construction

Post-Construction Debris

Regardless the size of a home improvement project, it will always leave behind debris. Tackling the job yourself can take so much of your time. It can also expose you to safety risks. For your convenience, hire a professional team to handle debris removal.
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Hot Tub Consultation

Hot Tub Removal

When you want an old or broken hot tub out of your yard, our professional crew members are here at your service. We'll disassemble and haul that tub away so you can make room for something more useful.

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Southern Rubbish Guys Haul Mattress

Mattress Removal

Call Southern Rubbish today to get that old and used mattress out of your home and finally clear out some space. You'll be glad you made the call to remove the clutter!

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Removing Furniture

Hoarding Clean Up

When you have collected so much stuff you no longer need, we can help you clean up. Tidying up the home of a hoarder is challenging but there's no junk removal job our team won't be able to handle. Rest assured we'll be using a gentle and safe approach.

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"What an incredible company! First of all, the price of removal is unbeatable. Secondly, I had a tough situation that forced me to have to remove everything from my home. I love that this company is family owned and local to our community. Amazing job done quickly; I am greatly appreciative! "
Cara Coleman

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