Emergency Trash and Junk Removal

Need Junk Removal Right Away?

In The Middle of a Move?

We hear it all the time in our line of work. “I need this junk hauled away right now!” Our customers are in the middle of a move and they need to clear the house of junk and other stuff that they won’t be taking with them to their new home. It’s totally understandable. You also don’t want to leave a garage full of junk for the new homeowners either. So what do you do?

Use the Pile Method

You need to separate your junk. You need to be able to distinguish between the items that need to get thrown out and the items that need to go to donation, like old clothes and children’s toys. Once you have the piles separated, you can call a trusted junk removal company…like us! Most junk removal services are happy to take the trash along with the donation items. But if you’d rather, you can choose a charity that you support for the donation items to go. For instance, No Longer Bound or Abba House are great charities that support themselves through donations to their thrift stores.

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Get Upfront Pricing

Some junk removal companies will tell you that they can give you a quote once they arrive. Honestly, it seems dishonest. To give someone a price-quote when they need “EMERGENCY” trash pick up? Not cool. Try and find a company that will give you a quote over the phone or one that has their pricing displayed on their website. Like us! Junk Removal Pricing.

Questions for the Junk Pros?

We are right here if you need us. Give us a call at 404-910-7108. Our office is in Cumming, Georgia in beautiful Forsyth county, so just stop on by if you’re in town.