Declutter Before the Holidays

Clearing out the Junk Before Christmas

Decluttering before Christmas is not a bad idea when you really think about it. You and the rest of the family are about to get a bunch of new stuff, right? Kids are going to get new toys, wives get new clothes, husbands get new TV’s. So, here’s a few tips to get your home junk free for the holidays.

  1. Donate Old Toys: Your little Johnny has been good all year and you’ve decided to get him the new video game console that just came out. The latest PlayStation. So what do you do with the old one? Are you just going to let it collect dust? No way! There’s plenty of things you can do with it. Give it to a charity of your choosing. Abba House is a good one! They take item donations and sell them in their thrift stores to support abused women in the community. You could also take the PS3 to your local gaming store, like GameStop. They’ll be able to give you a few dollars for your old system and you’ll be able to use that extra cash to pick up a new video game for Johnny.
  2. Get Rid of the Big ‘Ole TV: It seems that everyone is having trouble getting rid of the once, super popular Mitsubishi big screen projection TVs. To be perfectly honest. These old, heavy TV’s of the 90’s don’t have much value left. Mass production of lighter, high-definition flat screen TVs have led to lower cost for newer models, making the big, bulky models highly obsolete. The easiest option would to be to call a hauling service to pick up and dispose of the television. A junk removal company like Southern Rubbish really makes the most sense and would save you quite the headache of disposing it yourself.
  3. Recycle Old Electronics: Old electronics like VCRs, and DVD players can be taken to your local metal recycling and disposed of ethically at the scrap yard. The scrap metal recycling yard will even pay you for your old metal junk. Right now the rate is $.25/pound, so 100 pounds of scrap metal will yield about $2.50 in value. Not that bad considering you were going to throw it out anyway.
  4. Throw Out Old Holiday Decorations: My family has a tradition. Right after Thanksgiving dinner, we put up the Christmas tree. As we’re sorting through all the decor from yester-year, we separate the stuff we want to keep and the junk we want to throw out. Many charities, including Goodwill will take Holiday decorations right up until Christmas, so donating your old decor might be a good idea.