Am I a Junk Hoarder?

Are You a Junkie? Here’s how to tell. Ever watch the show Hoarders? Its about people that can’t throw things away. Its insane. People literally live in their own trash. As it turns out, its completely normal to have the tendency to keep things they really don’t need. “I might need it someday,” they’ll tell themselves. …

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Junk Sound Systems

Lets think back to a time where walkmans were the new thing that everyone had to have, but then quickly  got forgotten. Leaving room to be overtaken by a new phenomenon called the CD.  Yes we are talking about the late 80’s. Its seems so long ago, doesn’t it? Do you remember the electronic devices …

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Junk Car Removal

Junk Car Removal – Atlanta In this era of new cars with incredible technological advancements, convenient parts stores, and easy access to find vintage cars, people have been given much more possibilities to restore cars.  Just like every project that everyone has started over the years, people find the conclusion the most challenging.  Usually, at …

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