Asbestos Services

We offer residential and commercial asbestos testing & abatement

Why test for asbestos?

It has been well-documented that asbestos is a serious health hazard that causes mesothelioma, which cannot be cured. You should call an asbestos inspector is you are:

1. Buying or selling a building built before 1980
2. Doing renovations on a building built before 1980
3. Demolishing a building built before 1980

Our highly trained professionals can help trace the presence of asbestos in your building and follow protocol for asbestos removal (also known as asbestos abatement).

Asbestos Inspection

Got Asbestos? Learn about your liability.

If you own or work in a building built before 1980, you may have an asbestos problem. Contact Southern Rubbish today!

Asbestos services we offer

Let Southern Rubbish help you identify whether or not you have an asbestos problem.

Free Consultation

If you are renovating or deconstructing an old building, call us to prevent potential exposure to asbestos. We provide you with all of the pertinent information you need to protect yourself.

Full Inspection

Asbestos can be found in old building materials, such as the insulation, plaster, dry joint compound, and more. Our initial evaluation involves on-site air testing and an analysis report.


Asbestos must be handled by a licensed and certified abatement contractor. Our crew wears protection gear during the entire abatement process to keep everyone and the worksite safe.

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what will it cost you?

Our asbestos services are fully dependent on the size of the building this will be requiring renovation or removal. Please call today to get pricing details!

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