Am I a Junk Hoarder?

Are You a Junkie? Here’s how to tell.

Ever watch the show Hoarders? Its about people that can’t throw things away. Its insane. People literally live in their own trash. As it turns out, its completely normal to have the tendency to keep things they really don’t need. “I might need it someday,” they’ll tell themselves. However, what if you’re on your way to becoming a hoarder and not even know it. Here’s how to tell.

  1. Are you keeping magazines from last year and before? Having a couple magazines in the bathroom or on the coffee table is normal. Having magazine issues from the 80’s is weird. Unless you have a magazine that you keep coming back to for referencing, anything over 6 months old needs to go.2.
  2. Do you have clothing in your closet that no longer fits? Of course you do! Everybody does. If it doesn’t fit or you no longer wear it, there are people out there who could use some warm clothes. Sort through your closet and donate what you can.
  3. Do you have broken appliances? When I was a kid the microwave broke. My dad said it just needed a new motor and that it would be a waste to throw it away. Well, he bought a new microwave and kept the old one. Ridiculous. Throw it out, Pops!
  4. Your car is full of junk. Is the only clutter free seat in your car the driver seat? If it is, then you might have some issues. Most cars come with 4 seats. Unless you want to have your passengers opting for a cab, then clean the car.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be a closet hoarder. Don’t worry, there is a cure. It’s cleaning. Cleaning is the cure.